Client Representation

A lot is at stake in the international offshore maritime industry, projects, investments, the environment, reputations and of course, people. These projects commonly include operations such as planning, inspection, construction, installation, removal and disposal. These activities are often carried out in a hostile work environment where people and equipment are continually exposed to hazards, from the natural environment, operational activities and human factors.

It is of course imperative to maintain both the highest international standards of safety and operational efficiency at all times. But how do you ensure the contractor, engaged by the client, will complete contractual works and carry out the project in accordance with agreed and approved procedures? Who will take the responsibility of communication and coordination between client and contractor? There are several questions but one definitive answer, the Client Representative.

Kraken Offshore Client Representatives are Master Mariners who play a fundamental role in the efficient execution and successful delivery of onshore and offshore projects whilst ensuring the integrity of the client’s organisation remains intact. They act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the client and endeavour to protect the client’s best business interests by utilising their experiences gained through lengthy careers in the maritime industry. You can’t buy experience, but you can ensure experienced people are onsite to represent you; this is where Kraken Offshore is there to help.

Subsea cable joint

Client representatives shoulder the responsibility of a multitude of tasks that include:

  • Review and ensure compliance of RA/MS and QHSE documents as required before execution phase begins and keep appraised of changes in the documents.
  • Ensure that efficient planning and operational activities are conducted in accordance with the contract and within Marine Warranty Certificate of Approval Limitations.
  • Ensure procedures and processes are conducted in compliance with National & International regulations and guidelines.
  • Prepare and distribute comprehensive Daily Progress Reports (DPR) as required.
  • Attend daily meetings, toolbox talks and other discussions to ensure that the works are being carried out in a safe manner to the required quality.
  • During all defined key activities and otherwise, as often as practicable, be present as a witness during installation.
  • Ensure the contractor proactively manages safety and quality and takes part in safety walks with HSE representatives from the Client and contractor organisations.
  • Act, behave and lead by example according to Kraken Offshore Ltd and the client’s values. Provide effective leadership, maintain a sense of camaraderie and infuse morale and motivation among the entire team.
  • And many more….

Kraken Offshore endeavours to ensure the assurance of Health, Safety and contract compliance from the very onset of project planning, through to mobilisation, execution, de-mobilisation, review and lessons learnt of the project. Kraken Offshore provides Client Representatives with the assurance that the individual has the suitable skills, knowledge, and experience to fit the project’s scope of work and client requirements.

The Client Representative has no contractual authority, but he does have the authority to intervene or stop the operation in case of safety, quality infringements or the procedures not being followed by the contractor. The Client Representative will conduct regular visual inspections of the offshore work in progress and monitor that it is carried out as per approved and agreed procedure.

There are many blade lifting tools on the market, some better than others

And let’s not forget, often having an experienced Independent Master Mariner onsite, which the sole aim of protecting the client’s interest is invaluable. 

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