A few dry docking questions…..

Q What factors would a yacht Master and/or Owner consider when investigating a suitable dry dock facility?

Q. The Captain of an inbound yacht towards a dry dock is experiencing leakage in and around the area of the stern gland. He subsequently seeks advice from the dry dock authority as to what his best line of action would be. What advice would the Master expect to receive ?

Q. Following a successful dry docking period, the Master or Chief Officer of the vessel is asked to sign the Authority to Flood’ certificate. What would a prudent person ensure, prior to signing this certificate?

Q. Why is it considered usual for a vessel to have a small stern trim, when entering a dry dock ?

Q. What stability considerations would the Master take account of, prior to the ship entering a dry dock ?

Q. When leaving a dry dock, what must be considered the prime duty of the Master prior to re-floating the vessel ?

Q. Prior to an inspection of the chain locker by the surveyor, it is decided that it should be cleaned and repainted, what would be the process?

Q. What utilities should a Master order for the welfare of the vessel and crew, prior to entering the dry dock?

Q. What are the benefits of the ‘declivity of the dock’?

Q. What are ‘Docking Bobs’ used for?

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