Marine Consultants

Kraken Offshore provides Maritime Consultants that have the right expertise to advise and suggest better options and address other potentially unforeseen marine based concerns to clients, engaged in specific marine based projects and operations to enable in successful project completion.

Since the job entails providing expertise, it involves detailed studying and analysis of the concerned issue from the perspective of not only the client but also from the perspective of the marine environment and any other factors which could cause a debilitating turn to the project.

In terms of educational qualifications, although there are no specific qualifications required to be a maritime consultant, there are quite a few other requirements that good and effective maritime consultants should possess.  The main thing that you cannot purchase is experience. The more experience maritime consultants have in their field of expertise, ensures decisions are made based on calculated and proven instances and ensuring the quality of their services as professionals.  Kraken Offshore personnel are either Master Mariners, Chief Engineers or Naval architects.

Tandem lifts onto a barge require good teamwork and a Barge Master that knows his ballast system
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