Marine Warranty Surveyors

Kraken Offshore Marine Warranty Surveyors (MWS) are accredited by the Society of Marine Warranty Surveyors, and are Master Mariners who conduct their work to protect either the underwriters’ interests or self-insured clients. Kraken Offshore can provide an independent third-party technical review and approval of high value and/or high risk marine construction and transportation project operations, from the planning stages through to the physical execution.

In a marine advisory capacity, our MWS have a wealth of experience in many aspects of the offshore marine environment and operations.  This can afford 3rd party independent advice on similar operations and procedures, producing the best results, whilst keeping risks to acceptable levels. This experience is invaluable to clients when operations of a different nature or alternative solutions are required.

The fundamental objective of the MWS is to make reasonable endeavours to ensure that the risks associated with the warranted operations to which a MWS is appointed are reduced to an acceptable level in accordance with best industry practice.

The definition of Marine Insurance Warranty under the Marine Insurance Act 1906 is defined, according to the Dictionary of Marine Insurance Terms and Clauses 1989 as:
“A marine insurance warranty is a promissory warranty by which the assured undertakes that some particular thing shall or shall not be done, or that some condition shall be fulfilled, or whereby he affirms or negatives the existence of a particular state of facts. The assured must comply literally with the terms of a warranty. Compliance in spirit is not acceptable. If the assured fails to comply with the terms of the warranty, the insurer is discharged from all liability under the policy as from the date of breach of warranty, but without prejudice to insured losses occurring prior to such date. A warranty may be “express” or “implied”. An express warranty is set out in the policy conditions. An implied warranty does not appear in the policy, but is implied to be therein by law.”

Marine Warranty Services may include approvals for the following operations:

  • Suitability Surveys.
  • Heavy Lift operations
  • Independent accident reporting.
  • Ocean to wages.
  • Cable Laying and beach end pull-in operations.
  • Barge transportations.
  • Unusual / oversized cargoes on ships.
  • Offshore rig move attendance onboard MODUs.
  • Loadout, transportation and installation of offshore platforms, topsides and sub-sea structures.
  • Floating construction activities, float over, deck mating, Pipe lay operations.
  • Bridge and harbour construction activities.

Kraken Offshore can provide an independent third party review and approval of offshore projects. With over 30 years offshore, extensive experience has been gained in a wide range of offshore activities from simple marine operations to the more challenging offshore projects.

This extensive third party experience has allowed Kraken Offshore to work with many contractors, enabling a resourceful knowledge of who can get the job done in a professional and successful manner.  Kraken Offshore certainly not the biggest, but strives to be the best.

And let’s not forget, often having an experienced Independent Master Mariner onsite, which the sole aim of protecting a insurers’ interest is invaluable. 

Kraken Offshore utilises the Joint Rig Committee Warranty Surveyors’ Code of Practice; this Code of Practice has been produced in order to establish agreed standards for Warranty Surveyor performance.  In addition, Kraken Offshore focuses on JR2019/020 Marine Warranty Surveyor Good Practice Guidelines.

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