Kraken Offshore provides accredited Marine Warranty Surveyors internationally for the warranting of marine operations, by providing professional leadership, upholding standards, utilising best practices and developing and sharing knowledge based upon integrity and experience to ensure associated risks are as low as reasonably practicable, whilst striving to achieve and maintain the requirements of the JR2016/014 Marine Warranty Surveyor Good Practice Guidelines.

Kraken Offshore provides Client representatives internationally for various marine operations who will acts as ‘eyes & ears’ for the client with regard to offshore survey operations. Ensure that work procedures and management of change are followed. Monitor the competences within team performances. Marine operations are monitored to ensure efficiency, safety, compliance with local & international regulations, ensuring best practices are followed at all times.

Kraken Offshore provide Marine Consultants to efficiently assist in managing projects, develop client relationships, provide technical knowledge of offshore marine service operations to achieve successful project fruition. Whilst maintaining a senior level expertise in the marine industry our Marine Consultants can serve as Project Manager for both larger and smaller projects whilst providing a professional customer interface, image, conduct and attitude.

Kraken Offshore Surveyors conduct independent Surveys in both the commercial and large private yacht sector offering different types of surveys to meet the clients requirements. All our personnel have valid STCW, GWO, HUET and OPITIO safety training certification.

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